Braveness-Points & Job Interview

For the first time in years, I drove a car. I managed to rent one through a local SharingCars system. Everything went smoothly on the road, thankfully!
Only two wrong turns and a one hour traffic jam on the way back, no troubles :). +1 Bravenes Points
Well I didn’t know how to turn on the carlights, so I just hoped the carlights were turned on automatically. However on the way back a lot people were signaling me with their headlights. Halfway back I found that on the handle there is a turningpart which you can turn towards you or away from you, the lights were on there.

The goal of the whole trip was to get at a job interview and meet the recruiter at a highway-restaurant. I arrived well in advance, so I had time to eat and drink something and prepare mentally / create calmness. She turns out to be a very nice lady and it looks like we have a lot in common. When she asked me what hobby’s I have, I hesitated a moment, then mentioned I love to do yoga. Turns out she is a fellow yogi. So we talked a bit about how she fell asleep once in a class, only to wake up at the end. For me about how I stumble while doing some standing balance poses.
Furthermore the job sounded great too! Hopefully she’ll invite me for a second interview with some other colleagues.

Time will tell 🙂


Deepavali, festival of lights

Today started with a beautiful sunrise. Yesterday ended with a shortened celebration of Deepavali, the festival of lights.

Never been at a hindu festival before, so being present at a small one was quite an experience. We were invited by an Indian collegue of my friend, luckily there were a lot of people present who didn’t know what was going to happen either.
It started at 6 o’clock, IST Indian Standard Time, so it really began at 7. 15 ;). At the enterance everybody got a sandelwood dot on their forehead. Then we went into a room. They requested we all take of our shoes, me wearing pink socks; I wasn’t the only one wearing funny socks ;). Offering an opening prayer to Ganesha, burning incense, some chanting of prayers and music as well. Also a moment of silence and opportunity to pray to whatever god we wanted. Eating togerther some orange slices, cashew nuts, raisins and a sweet candy made of cashewpowder/sugar/milk (forgot its name).
Afterwards a dance group came. Beautifull new clothing, indian style with colorful shawls and lovely hand movements when dancing. Next a singing group, must practice on my hindi couldn’t understand anything of it, but it sounded good. Time to go outside, for the fire crackers with some lovely lights, everybody swaying them in circles, making our own light circles since it was already dark outside.
Dinner was served, starting with some deepfried snacks with potatoes / curry and chickpea-flour. Rice with cashew nuts, a masala, chick pea with hot herbs and mushroom/green beans, fresh naan, fresh yoghurt cream. Awesome, really flavorfull and tasty! Not too hot, but the hotness lingered a bit after eating, so you feel warm inside. 

Cheers for good vs evil!